ESFIR was born in Bulgaria, in a small family distillery, in the North of the Rhodope Mountains.

Launched in 2014, ESFIR has conquered the heart of specialist merchants in spirits in France.

ESFIR Vodka is distributed in over 150 French stores.

It is a remarkable vodka, unique for its surprising finesse, refined by its notes of almonds, it stands out thanks to its quality taste and its packaging, remarkable and different from its competitors.

Since 2016, the brand is represented in about fifty NightClubs in France.

Thanks to its development with young people, ESFIR is gaining ground, and is increasingly demanded by French stors and NightClubs.

The Conception


Its recipe follows a specially designed process, conjugating concern for the environment and craftsmanship. Produced by continuous distillation, the E S F I R vodka is obtained by trained alembic a copper column consists of several plates.


It is then filtered several times through the compounds of charcoal filters alternating birchwood quartz layers.


70cl | 150cl | 300cl



Each bottle and magnum are equipped with led.


« ESFIR – Your Bulgarian Vodka »

Bulgaria, historically very rich, was for many years the bread basket of Europe.
To the north, the Danube plain shelters the crops of wheat, maize and grapes.
With this heritage, the best grains are selected for the production of ESFIR vodka.
The Rhodopes are the largest mountainous massif in Bulgaria and occupy about one seventh of the total area of the country. As shown by archaeological research on many sites, the Rhodopes have been inhabited since Prehistory.

The first known people in the Rhodopes are the Thracians. There they built many temples and cities, such as the Tatul sanctuary south-east of Kărdžali, or the sanctuary town of Perperikon, to the north-east of that city.

The massif is full of rivers and shelters very old water tables. It is in this rich, pure and millennial nature that the water destined for the manufacture of vodka ESFIR is drawn.
Bulgaria always offers all the richness, traditions and know-how, in order to create an exceptional vodka made up from the best elements.





Like a sparkling mirror with silvery glints, a shiny and translucent disk, and a very good density.




A first nose of good aromatic intensity, elegant and seductive. A luxury hamper of wild berries, citrus fruits, white-fleshed fruits with pips, with a spicy touch of menthol. With a light shaking, the second nose emerges with a presence of citron, pear brandy, fresh juniper, pepper berries, accompanied by a delicious freshness.




A dynamic attack on the palate, with the mid-palate becoming both warm and sweet. An evolution that extends on finesse and gives way to hints of dill, sweet pears, citrus fruits and delicate wild berries. The finish is excellent, very fresh, topped with a touch of minerality that makes it digestible.


Tasting temperature:


If this vodka is enjoyed in the evening, ensure that it is well-chilled. If you combine it with a meal, you can enjoy it at around 10 ° to exalt all of its aromas




A beautiful vodka, 100% wheat, with a high purity, due to its Balkan Mountains water. This is a vodka of character as indicated by Esfir, light and subtle as the martlet. A rising star in the world of vodka.

Wine and food pairing:

– Salmon Tranche just snacked, pear chutney with juniper berries.
– St Jacques tartare with a drop of Esfir, Picholine olive oil and fresh dill.
– Jelly oysters in bouillon of citrus, ginger, on rye bread.

ESFIR vasque New Packaging

Christophe MENOZZI

Master Sommelier of France UDSF

70cl | 150cl | 300cl


Each bottle and magnum are equipped with led.