The company E S F I R was created in 2014, in Brest, by two young Bretons : Pierre Arbellot-Repaire and Yohann Kermarrec.

It all starts with a trip to the Balkans in 2011. The two friends, aged 18, travel throughout all Bulgaria, impregnate themselves with its local culture and customs, get to know the various traditional crafts and terroir products.

Having visited several artisanal distilleries, they had the idea of creating an exceptional Bulgarian vodka, entirely based on soft wheat and water from the Rhodope, one of the oldest mountain ranges in Europe.


E S F I R, Your Bulgarian Vodka, is born from the best recipe, the one that makes its legendary finesse.

2015 marks the beginning of the distribution of E S F I R, Your Bulgarian Vodka, in France.


Since then, E S F I R Company has been working on the design of new products, bearing a strong identity by history and traditions, an unforgettable taste, resolutely modern and young, recognizable by their ever more worked and innovative packaging.