The ESFIR GIN is produced in SLOVAKIA in one of the country’s oldest distilleries.
He has received several national and international medals for his particular and unforgettable taste.
The small town of Trencin, between the White Carpathians to the north and west, the Strazov Mountains to the east and the Povazsky Inovec mountains to the south, houses the distillery that produces the ESFIR Gin.

Since the sixteenth century, the Slovaks produce a unique spirit, the Borovicka which they make from a grain alcohol infused with juniper berries. Thanks to this know-how of several centuries, the Gin ESFIR is designed in keeping with these very ancient Slovakian traditions.



The work of juniper berries has been a local tradition for many decades.
Gin is produced from a specially prepared refined grain alcohol.

Its brilliant and delicate aroma is obtained thanks to many spices, lemon and orange zest, coriander, roots of iris and angelica, cardamon but also to absinthe added during the production.



Color :

Clear and crystal-like dress, silvery highlights, translucent disc, brilliant and clear.


Nose :

Pretty nose of good aromatic intensity with the smells of citrus fruits, dry aromatic style herbs, spices with fresh, root and dried berries character. With a little agitation, the 2nd nose is much more ample. It offers a multitude of odours, such as lemon, orange zest, freshly ground white pepper, a bouquet of roots, a note of artichoke, a line of gentian, thyme, anise, Cardamon, coriander, with a great minty freshness. The bay of juniper is not preeminent and leaves room for nuances of cereals.



A very dynamic, spicy attack. A middle menthol mouth and even spicy. The evolution is ample, refreshing. We find the menthol side and the juniper berry that just signs to remind us of the gin traceability. The finish is digestible, without warmth or heaviness, with a nice and flattering note of cardamom.


Food pairing:

You must try
– Gravlax of salmon marinated in dill and whipped cream with Esfir gin
– Saddle of rabbit cooked in cocotte (iron pan) deglazed with Esfir gin, with fennel and coriander sauce
– Black Chocolate with Esfir gin, ganache with cardamom and green anise.


Christophe Menozzi, France Master Sommelier UDSF